Thursday, 7 November 2013

Another Great Review for the Kindle Fire HDX

Since the launch of the HDX in the USA there is tones of reviews online and at the moment it would appear that all these are in favor of the Kindle Fire HDX. It is winning on processor speed, display, ease of use, no setting up works straight out of the box. I came across this one where it has been compared to the Apple iPad Air, now most of us know that for the last few years Apple has cornered the best reviews with their Retina display, however from the information I can gather Apple has has had to settle for second place.

Anyway this review was carried out by  "DisplayMate" and it is they who have come down on the side of the Kindle Fire HDX:

Image of the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Display

According to the tests done by DisplayMate:

The new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has now jumped into the impressive category as the best performing Tablet display we have ever tested.

That is a claim that would eventually haunt and maybe even infuriate a lot of Apple customers. Still the tests revealed that the iPad Air display performed marvelously as well.  Both displays are part of the pinnacle of the current mobile display technology, which still offers a lot of credit to Apple. Still, with the Kindle Fire HDX beating it in every competition, there is no question who is the clear winner and who lands second place.

The highlights of the extensive display tests showcased by DisplayMate said the following about the Kindle Fire HDX versus the iPad Air:
  • It is more energy efficient. (3.4 watts vs. 4.8 watts)
  • Its display is brighter than the iPad Air display.(527 nits vs. 449 nits)
  • It has lower display reflectance. (5% vs. 6.5% – lower is better)
  • It features a much higher pixel density. (339 ppi vs. 264 ppi)
  • It has better color accuracy. (2.7 JNCD vs. 3.2 JNCD – lower means less error)
The data is pretty clear that Amazon won this fight. It seems that Apple may need to step up their next game if they want to reclaim the title of the best tablet display in the business.

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