Tuesday, 25 February 2014

A Tablet Can Change Your Life

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Powerful, portable and very convenient, tablets are the new generation of computers. You will be astonished at what you can do with it.

During the last year there’s has been an upsurge in the use of portable computers; the old work horse desktop computer is granular losing ground to the tablets and other portable computers. We are now moving into the era of hand held, portable, and powerful touch screen computers. With nearly 13 million bought in the UK alone in 2013, the majority over the Christmas period. One large store chain in the UK are reported as saying they were selling one every 15 seconds during the Christmas season.

It’s easy to see just why they have become so popular. Easy to carry around some even will fit into your pocket, light and easy to use, as powerful as laptops and desktop computers. They range in price from as low as £30 pounds (approx $47USD) to around the £650 mark ($1027USD)(USD are approximation costs), tablets are within the reach of even the smallest budget.

Tablets can be used for just about any task that you would use a Laptop or Desktop.
Here’s just some that I can think of;
·         Buy, read and store hundreds of books on one easy to carry device.You can even get some books FREE!
·         Catch up on TV shows you may have missed.
·         Box sets and blockbuster films are also available were ever you are.
·         Daily newspaper no problem you can even download that to your tablet.
·         Shopping online – easy!
·         Download your favourite music and sound tracks and listen on the go.
·         Talk face to face with your family and friends.
·         Play games - that is when you have a spare moment taking into account all the things you will be doing with your new tablet.
·         Capture those special moments with the camera, edit them and store them in one place.
·         Keep up to date no matter where you are with your e-mails and social networks.
The list can go on forever, if you use a laptop or desktop for your work you can even keep up with this on your tablet.

In short they are marvellous devices and you will begin to wonder how you managed in the past without one.

Tablets are very easy to use and you do not need to have any experience of computers before you get one, in fact your children will be able to point you in the right direction, they are probable using them at school.

If you new to tablets/computers, it can very hard to know what to buy so over the next couple of posts we will try to make this a little easier for you, so stay tuned.

However you will need an internet connection to really enjoy your tablet. The quickest one to have is called “Broadband” which you can usually get via your telephone provider, a word of caution before you go rushing out and getting your present provider to get your internet connection. Competition for your business among telephone, TV and broadband providers is high, so as long as you are not signed into any contract I would advise you to shop around for the best deal you can get. It is for this reason I am not going to quote charges, just remember they want your business so it is you who is in the driving seat.

If I can help I am only to happy to just leave a comment and I will reply as soon as I am able.

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