Monday, 3 March 2014

Tablets; which one will be best for you?

There are hundreds of tablets on the market taking into account all the different models that each device can have the choice can be overwhelming. However, basically there are only four types; each one has a different operating system (OS). Tablets made by Apple run the iOS 7 systems, while Microsoft and Nokia run on a form of Windows. The most common OS is Android, used on tablets like Google Nexus. Kindle tablets also use the Android system but is a different OS modified to suit their devices. Each OS has its own pros and cons, which I hope to go into in another post.
I have provided links at each tablet for you read more in depth information on Amazon and also a general guide price both in the UK and the USA.
What I’ve done here is pick some of the best tablets available so please read on..........

Value Tablet
The Hudl is a good choice for newcomers to the Tablet world. Stylish made and reasonable priced. It has a sharp 7in screen which is a reasonable size for watching video. It also comes with pop up messages on how to use the device (can be a little annoying), and an help line for any of your questions.
PROS Good for beginners, good screen
Cons Not the lightest tablet available

Best for Screen Resolution
Google Nexus 10 from £299.98  from $370.00
Boasting one of the best–quality screens around, video playback is really good, with its wide display and text is nearly as sharp as print. Good case for gripping so dropping it is a little harder, start up and operation is quick and the life of the battery between charges is good.
PROS Strong performer with good display
CONS It’s not a particularly stylish-looking device.

Best for use on the move
Nokia Lumia 2520 from $499.99
This windows device can be used on the go by linking to 4G mobile broadband giving you more flexibility when out and about. Good design with a 10.1inch screen but be aware that the windows app store at the time of writing is not that well-stocked.
PROS Smart design with a big screen
CONS Relatively few apps

Best for usability
Amazon Kindle Fire HD from £151.20  from $229.00
Easy to use Android operating system, video is excellent and apps work reliably. You have a choice of 7inch and 8.9inch models. All apps are available from the Amazon site, where you will also find some great e-books that you can read on your device.
PROS Reliable with brilliant video
CONS apps confined to Amazon store

Best for compactness
Apple iPad Mini from £226.00 from $298.75
Very well made and compact with a 7.9in display where a lot of other rivals only manage 7in. Operating system is easy to navigate.
PROS Good styling, simple to use
CONS One of the more expensive devices on the market

Best designed
Fairly heavy but has a 9.7in screen, loads of apps available in Apple store and integrates well with other Apple devices.
PROS Lots of apps
CONS On the heavy side and again one of the more expensive devices on the market

Best for keen readers
Kobo Arc 10HD from £318.00 from $369.99
Originally designed just for reading e-book (electronic books) and the 10in is very clear. As an Android tablet, it has access to Androids apps, including one’s available from the Kindle Store and Kobo has announced that its own e-book store is getting larger.
PROS Crystal-clear screen, access to loads of apps
CONS Feels heavy

Best for performance
Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1in 2014 Edition from £467.17 from $549.00
A very slick, responsive device with a good-quality screen and comes with a stylus to make life easier using the touch screen. Android version within Samsungs devices is easy to understand.
PROS Processing speed in quick, I like the handy stylus
CONS Sometimes not straight forward to use

Best for Windows users
Microsoft Surface 2 from £479.99 from $343.00
A 10.6in device that is as close to a desktop computer as a tablet can get, also has a USB port allowing you to connect other devices and the option to add a full keyboard.
PROS Big and solid with a useful stand
CONS really heavy compared to other tablets

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