Friday, 28 March 2014

iPad 2 your essential guide

Apple iPad 2
Apple iPad 2

You control Apple tablets by using your fingers to pinch, tap and swipe.

Headphone socket
You can plug in any standard headphones here for improved sound quality while listening to music or film and television soundtracks.

The iPad has two cameras – one at the front, which is ideal for video calls and one at the back. Both can take photographs or record video.

This is used for recording sound for videos, and when using voice chat applications.

On-off/Wake/Sleep button
To put your iPad into sleep mode or to wake it up, give this button a quick press. To turn it on or off hold down the button for a few seconds.

Side switch
This has two settings; the mute mode silences alerts you have set for incoming emails, the rotation locks stops the screen moving when you turn the device


Volume buttons
Functions include muting sound and setting volume limit.

Fine for speech but you’ll get better sound using headphones or external speakers.


Home button
Press this once and it will bring up the home screen, where all your apps are kept. Press it twice to switch between apps.


Connector Slot used to charge your iPad as well as connect it to another device such as a PC for transferring content.

 The iPad Mini and the iPad Air have the same physical features as the iPad 2, 
and are operated in the same way.

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